About lncreation



Increation is a bespoke Interior Design firm located in Dhaka.


Increation creates interiors, which are contemporary, functional and timeless, growing the potential of your home or commercial property. Modern or classic, we design spaces conducive to work, rest or play for homes, spas, hotels or commercial offices.


Our approach is different to other designers because we prefer to involve the client at every stage of the project. From selecting colours and fabrics to spatial planning and landscaping, we work in partnership with the client.


We will design everything from lighting and window treatments to bespoke rugs or furniture for any room in your home or office. We also manage renovation projects, collaborate with our architects and contractors where necessary. We believe that the design of workplace interiors should reflect creativity and enhance efficiency and business performance.


We believe 'detail' is our success story!!



Your dreams realized:

You crave luxury, authenticity, and craft to inspire your every day. You want your values to shape your personal space. You know what your dream room looks like. The colour and pattern of the wall, the texture of the furnishings, the feel of the veneer.


Increation can realise this with you. We take your ideas and bring them to life, understanding the space you live in and the requirements you have.


Increation is based on the belief of the right solution for each and every one of its clients. Its a belief in the importance of material and craft. Ultimately, its a belief that experiences matter, and spaces should be inspiring.


We understand that creating your home should simply feel beautiful. Our tried and tested processes, along with our dedicated teams make your experience exactly that. WE REALISE YOUR DREAM SPACE!!



Our team is committed to meeting your desires through our professionalism, creativity and integrity. Our team consists of professionals from various backgrounds and experience. Our Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Contractors, Designers, Supervisors, Accounts, Admin and support staff are all focused on achieving excellence in their field of operation.



When we design your home with you, we think about how you want to feel living in it every day. In our journey together, what we like to call co-creation, we work with you to uncover not only what you like, but also who you are and how you live. It is through our understanding of this that we are able to design what will eventually be your home.

Once we understand your vision we use our expert design skills to plan all the intricate details that will make up how you live. We know what works together; materials, styles, layouts, and we know how to overcome all the details of space, technology, electrics, even structural building works. Having a clear vision of your finished home is crucial.




We'll overcome all the challenges and plan all the intricacies on your behalf. We'll hold your hand every step of the way; co-creating your space, with every part of your imagination translated into detailed drawings before we project manage the installation, making sure every requirement is delivered to your exact specification.

We are with you throughout, explaining as little or as much detail as you choose. Craftsmen at heart, this mindset follows in all we do. Our project managers think like craftsmen, our designers think the same- everything we do is perfectly crafted for you.